Breakdown: Examples of Great & Horrendous Digital Advertising

There's Never A Bad Time For Great Marketing

Whether you believe it or not, people are hard-wired to buy stuff.

People are happy to trade their hard earned dollars for something that will bring them pleasure, or solve a pressing problem. Those are cold hard facts and I'm not telling ya anything new.

How businesses actively tell potential customers about their own business is a completely different story however.

Back when I was a kid the primary advertising channels were TV, Radio, Billboard, Magazines, Newspapers & the most powerful channel of all: Word of Mouth.

However, great advertisers know to go where the attention flows.

These days, most people's attention is caught up on Social Media, YouTube & Podcasts.

Hence, SMART marketers know they should be putting their marketing efforts on these platforms where their ideal customers are spending their time.

After being in the Digital Marketing game for just about 4 years and doing well over $1,000,000 in Online Sales you start to learn a bit about what makes people buy and what doesn't.

The double edged sword about the day and age we live in is there's very little barriers to entry when it comes to advertising online.

It's great for "the little guy" who has a new, transformational product they want to share with the world.

But it's also bad in that any Tom, Dick or Harry can start selling junk to trash collectors.

If you have a product or service that truly adds value & brings a benefit to someone, it's your duty to share it with the rest of the world.

But if you're just hocking garbage for the sake of making a buck and ripping people off - you are some of the grimiest pond scum on the planet.

I Love Studying Ads & Disecting What Makes Them Great

When I was in college, some of the fellas and I would sit around and constantly critique commercials as they were played.

"Who came up with this? I could easily make a better commercial!"

Thanks to the power of the internet and Social Media, we now have that ability.

I've managed to make a nice living off of making profitable ads on Facebook & Instagram.

And I've grown to develop a "Marketer's Eye" that's always disecting what comes across my NewsFeed

It's a blessing and a curse as once you start seeing out of that eye, you'll never see the world the same again.

What exactly makes a great ad?

Why do some ads get enormous amounts of engagement & attention while others don't get a single click?

These are questions I'm here to answer.

I Wanted To Do Something New...

We're bombarded with hundreds, if not thousands of ads EACH DAY.

I'd like to start sharing examples of Great Advertising & Horrendous Advertising in the Digital Marketing World.

These are ads that I've stumbled across on my day to day that I either loved or were repulsed by.

I'll be critiquing the ads, why I think they're great/bad, likelihood of buying and feedback on what I would do to improve.

Full Disclosure: This is completely subjective and just one man's opinion. In reality, a great ad is simply one that brings in more traffic and sales. I don't know how any of these ads have performed. The whole point of advertising, is to be able to spend more on advertising.

Great Ad - Tushy 

I'm slightly biased because Tom Segura's one of my favourite comedians and I'm a big supporter of bidets, but this ad immediately stuck with me.

They start by calling out their audience "Tushy is for anyone with a butt"

And immediately add Tom's authority on the subject when he says "and trust me, I take more dumps than anyone and my ass is always a disaster"

Yes, having a top comedian add humour to your ad is likely to help.

But that's why I love it so much (and also because I have a 5th grade level of humour)

In terms of actual copy, they do an excellent job at describing the pains of toilet paper (falls apart in your hand, can rip when you're whiping, harmful to the planet, can clog the toilet) and providing the benefits of their product (clean bum, feel fresh & clean, use 80% less toilet paper)

But Tushy is smart, they realized middle aged men who have a toilet bowl sense of humour are probably watching 2 Bears 1 Cave - so they pay for their advertising there.

The fusion of product, price, place and promotion was executed flawlessly which is the Core of marketing.

Well done Tushy, well done.

(Click Here or The Above Picture To Watch The Ad)

Horrendous Ad -  Emanuel Svechinsky

Bad Ad 1

I don't know Emanuel and based off his ad, I have intention on meeting him either.

As a Marketer, we have a fraction of a second to get someone's attention. People scroll through their News Feed FAST - your Ad HAS to get attention first above all else or else no one will ever read through it and click on it.

Your Headline should always convey your main benefit of what they'll get by clicking on the ad OR act in an attention stopping way.

I have never heard of this guy before and he immediately tells me to "Stop Trying To Look Cool" AND I get 80% off!?

Dude, making fun of your audience while implying you're selling something to them is not a way to kick off a relationship.

His opening line I've heard a million times and is a statement. It would be much more powerful if he was asking an open-ended question to open a neurological loop in my brain.

I was just really confused as to what this guy was offering and why he was on my News Feed in the first place.

It was some sort of course and found out he was targeting People who were interested in 'Personal Development'.

If I have to go LOOKING for that information as a Marketer, how the hell is the person you're trying to target going to understand what you have to offer.

Golden Marketing Rule: You Confuse You Lose

Next time maybe try providing some value up front instead of pseudo shaming people.

I have nothing against you Emanuel, but your marketing needs some help. Feel free to reach out 😉

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