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Hey I'm Michael Hale

I call myself The Digital Architect. I like to build stuff. Think Bob The Builder, but instead of houses, I build highly profitable, highly automated marketing and sales systems.

It's really fun. I love building things for Entrepreneurs who are making a difference in the world and I make a lot of awesome friends in the process.

Chances are you have a brilliant business idea in that brain of yours you want to get out to the world but haven't been able yet due to time or technical limitations. I can help you with that.

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I Didn't Know It At The Time, But January 18, 2017 Was The Day I Died...

I was always great with computers...
I was always great with computers...

I'll tell you why dying was the greatest thing to happen to me but first...

Buckle up, cause I got a wild story to tell. It's got all the elements of a blockbuster like plot twists, foreshadowing, uncomfortable honesty, epic highs, valley lows and one or two things you'll never believe...

I was born and raised in a super small mountain town called Nelson in British Columbia.

In High School you could best describe me as “The Smart Jock”. I loved sports and did well in the classroom. I was one of those kids who rarely studied but passed with flying colours. When I wasn’t playing sports, you could find me at work trying to make some money to go off to University.

Since I was little, it was always cemented in my head that I had to go off to University to “Live The Dream”

I come from a Lower Middle Class family where neither parent had gone – so they instilled their thoughts of “the good life” into their children.

I had to go to University. It wasn’t an option. The problem was my parents couldn’t afford it. They were gracious enough to set aside some savings but I was going to have to work for it to make it through 4 years.

By the time I was 18 I was working 8-16 hour days at my local Golf Course. I would cut the grass in the morning from 6 am to 2 pm, then go work in the Pro Shop from 2 pm to close. The best part was I didn’t get overtime, just a flat rate of $9.50 an hour. The golf course wasn’t in the best financial shape either but I needed to work for school and they needed the labour so it was a mutual agreement.

While I loved working there, the long hours taught me I needed to try and find a way not to trade my time for money. It was very demoralizing thinking my worth was "only" $9.50 an hour.

Thankfully, getting straight A’s and participating in a lot of extra-curricular activity allowed me to get a First Year Scholarship at the University of Alberta. It wasn’t a full ride, but I had my courses paid for the first year and a good chunk of savings that would carry me a year or two.

Off I went to University to pursue an Accounting Degree.


In the University summers, I aerated residential lawns to make money and got paid based on how many lawns I aerated.

It was incredibly hard work dragging a 400-pound machine on/off a truck 20 times a day, learning to navigate a big city you were unfamiliar with and working 8-12 hours 6 days a week, but I was making $1,000 a week and felt like the King of the World so it was worth it.

This job completely opened my eyes to getting paid for performance and not trading your time for a flat hourly wage and I LOVED it.

After graduating University I was set to start “my career” as a Tax Auditor for the government.

I was set to make a cool $55,000 a year. "Wow, I finally made it" as I thought walking into my first day of work.

It took me maybe a week to realize I had to get the hell out of this job. The people I talked to had been working there for years and it felt like I was talking to the walking dead. People just doing as they were told, with no enthusiasm or passion for life, counting down the days until they could retire and finally get their sweet pension money.

About 2.5 years into my career there was a “Corporate Reorganization” and I was assigned a new manager. This manager, let’s call her Josee, was known around the office as that one person you never want to work for who will passive aggressively go so far out of her way to make your life a living hell.

“Great” I thought.

My whole attitude going in there was “be charming, don’t take anything personal, just focus on doing your work, do a good job, maybe you’ll get a raise, all she cares about is the work, detach yourself from the personal side of things”

She initially tried to break me by giving me difficult assignments that were a nightmare to deal with. Again, I detached myself, got the work done and impressed her in the process.

Unfortunately, proving you’re a capable employee just meant more work was loaded onto your plate.

I kept getting messier, nastier files. In addition to that, I was getting the “opportunity to be a team player” by doing some of her work as well. Then I was assigned to mentor a new person on the team, as well as do other auditor’s work.

By the time Christmas rolled around in 2016 I was doing my job, my boss’ job, had some part in 9 other peoples job all while being micro managed to death.

And I haven’t even talked about all the personal attacks and mind games she would try to play and I won’t, because I think you get the point. She was a monster.


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After 10 Months of Trying To Stay Strong... I Collapsed And Died On The Inside...


Josee came over and asked me something super trivial. I can’t remember what it was at the time, all I remember was it was a tremendous waste of my time about something that didn’t matter. It was innocent enough, but I literally felt dead on the inside at that moment.

I got up from my desk, packed my bags, told her I wasn’t feeling well and went home. Immediately after I went to the doctors

My doctor placed me on stress leave for depression.

This was the second time in under two years this happened to me.

When you hit rock bottom, you start questioning every single decision you ever made in your life.

The school systems “said you were smart”, you were always a “high achiever”, yet here you are at 26, broken, depressed, anxious and beyond miserable hating every moment of your life.

Maybe I’m the fuck up, maybe I’ve been wrong the whole time, maybe I don’t know what I’m doing.

Going On Stress Leave Was One Of The Greatest Things To Ever Happen To Me...

I’m forever grateful for the time I had to just stop and think and ponder my life. I found immense power in the silence.

One night I sat on my bedroom floor in deep contemplation about what got me to this exact point in time. I had to admit to myself that I had been wrong about everything. This was all my fault and only I was going to get myself out of this.

By this point I was starting to grow resentful towards the medical field in general. I realized they always addressed symptoms and not causes. By this time, I had been diagnosed as depressed, generalized anxiety disorder, bi-polar and OCD. “Was I really this fucked up?” I would think to myself. Yet the only “cure” they could ever issue was prescribing pills or telling me to talk to a therapist.

It was then I took total and complete responsibility for my life and actions, no one was coming to save me. Even though I was sick and had next to no money coming in, I made a promise to myself to focus on what I could control.

Things I could control: my daily activity, what goes into my body and what goes into my brain.

I started working out every morning, eating clean whole foods and feeding my brain with books and videos about subjects I was passionate about and wanted to learn more. This was non-negotiable.

Sure enough, I started dropping pounds and thinking clearer. I started getting new ideas from the books I was reading and a sliver of a ray of hope for my future.

After reading “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss and learning about the 80/20 rule I asked myself “What 20% of my life is causing 80% of my misery and unhappiness?”

The answer was clear as day: My job and where I was living. So, I set the intention to change careers and move out of Edmonton. I didn’t know how it was going to happen yet, but I knew that was the ticket.

Then magic started happening.

I found a new apartment for the price of my current one and a job opportunity in Calgary, a place I had been trying to move to for 3 years. I packed up a U-Haul and the next chapter of life started.

The job opportunity was for the same branch of government I was already working for but a lower-level position. I thought I had it locked up 100%. I mean, what rational business wouldn’t hire a current employee for a lower-level job?

Oh yeah, if there’s one thing I learned is that the government was completely irrational, and I didn’t get the job.

I hadn’t prepared for this.

I was floored.

My plan fell through and I had no backup.

This was the first time in my 26-year-old life I truly had no idea what I was going to do. I had enough in the bank to live for 2 months but that was it. I had to move fast.


I hopped on Instagram to laugh at memes to feel better when I scrolled across a “Sponsored Post” that said “Accountants Wanted” with a bunch of young people looking happy on a beach.

After reading The Four-Hour Workweek all I wanted was to live and work remotely, this sounded incredible and I was eager for the Webinar – whatever that was, so I signed up.

Wednesday came and I was beyond excited for the presentation. I was open to anything that made logical sense. I was expecting it to be a remote accounting opportunity, instead I was in for a very rude awakening and the next chapter of my life was about to begin

This webinar explained the concepts of affiliate marketing (getting paid to sell other people’s stuff), sales funnels and Facebook Ads.

Having watched every episode of Mad Men and taking some marketing classes in school, I was BLOWN AWAY. I had always wondered what it would be like being an “Ads Guy”.

Now I had the chance to be my own Don Draper and make my own ads on Facebook. “To hell with accounting!” I thought

The pitch at the end was $99 for training that would teach you how to run ads, build funnels and find the right product to sell. This sounded like the deal of a lifetime – I couldn’t find my credit card fast enough.

I immediately dove into the training and devoured it. First thing to do was find something to sell. Makes no sense learning those skills if you have nothing to sell, right? Thankfully they had recommended products to sell.

Little did I know… I was stumbling into the world of Network Marketing.

No one grows up wanting to become a network marketer. No one. It’s just something most people stumble into.

Most people associate a network marketer with generally a slime-ball used car salesman type of person, or Karen’s spinning their Tupperware and essential oils. Or the type of person who has no social / emotional intelligence who screams from a rooftop for everyone to join their team.

And there is an immense number of people out there just like that. There’s a reason few succeed in it.

But network marketing also develops a lot of highly valuable skillsets. Sales, marketing, team building, leadership. Every single person starts on the bottom floor, the results are solely up to you and you only.

If you play the game right, you can help a shit ton of people and make a shit ton of money in the process. If the product has a positive impact in someone’s life and solves a problem, I really have no beef with the business structure. You’re simply just referring someone to a product.

Crazy realization – almost all sales are referred to you by someone, whether a friend or ad. Like all business, as long as the back-end product is great, it should sell itself.

I got introduced to a health product that blew my mind. It solved a lot of health problems, the science made sense to me and the commission plan was the craziest thing I’d seen at the time. I took out a loan to “get my business running” and off I went.

I needed to do this. I felt this new opportunity grabbing me by the balls and pulling me in a new direction.

It was like the last 10 years of my life just disappeared overnight and I didn’t have to worry about my past life anymore. Something new was born. Gone was accounting Mike. But who was this new Mike?

I didn’t know who the I was. Am I an entrepreneur? Online marketer? Salesman? Affiliate marketer? Network marketer? With so many labels, I was facing a little bit of an identity crisis.

I didn’t know what to tell people I did. If people asked I’d usually just tell them I was selling drugs. It was a lot easier than explaining what I actually did.

Life Started Happening, FAST...

My 4th month in I did something that was unfathomable just a year ago. I earned just over $10,000 in one months of work.

I also booked a one way ticket to Budapest, Hungary to meet two of my mentors. The first time I was ever flying internationally. Is this life?

From there, business kept growing and I was making 5-figure months like it was my job. Oh wait, it was my job. Life was incredible.

Next thing I knew I had made just over $100,000 in my first year working online. And did it again the next year. What was once unimaginable was now my reality. I figured I would only keep going up!

The great thing about life is that nothing ever stays the same. Bad times will become good times, and good times will turn to bad.


Life has a tremendous way of humbling you.


As the weeks turned to months and months turned to years, I was seemingly living a whole new life. I was traveling all over the world mostly bouncing around Asia, Europe and different parts of the States. I was hanging out with awesome new people all over the globe and was asked to speak on stage at a couple international events.

I had also been asked to work with my original mentors on their business where we helped grow a business education company to $1.3 million in revenue in 2019 with zero spent in advertising.


This all sounds great on the outside, but on the inside, I was starting to hurt again only this time I wasn’t aware of the pain.


At this point, I wasn’t doing anything that I originally fell in love with. I fell in love with sales and marketing but was now stuck doing financials, dealing with JV partners, managing operations, and wearing 5 different hats each day. I was losing my mind again.

Only this time I didn’t have a psychopath boss to blame – it was all on me!


I really started growing sick of the Network Marketing industry as a whole as well. I still loved the product I was selling, but I felt a strong pull that I could be doing more, that I was unintentionally placing myself in a box where this was the only thing I could do.

I built a great team and met a lot of amazing people but I was ready to meet new people. I was a leader, people looked up to me, what would they say when I wanted to leave?

Most of the people I was helping were brand new to business in general. I wanted to flex my marketing skills and help some real businesses make money, not teach Marketing 101 to a wide-eyed new student.

It was like being a College Professor trapped teaching in Elementary school.

There’s nothing wrong with being a newcomer, I just wanted to teach calculus, not basic addition & subtraction so to speak.

The universe decided it was time for another curveball. Our Business Education Company collapsed overnight with half our members leaving and half our monthly recurring revenue as a result. I was wrestling with the decision to leave the company; looked like the decision had been made for me.

Oh yeah, this thing called Covid hit at the exact same time. It was a business and global pandemic all at once.

I figured this was a sign to finally free myself from the Network Marketing shackles. My business partners and I quickly got to work on a new Company selling High Ticket Group Coaching.

For the next 9 months, our Coaching Program continued to evolve as did our company. We brought on employees and continued to fine tune our process. The hardest part of it all was learning how to work together as a team on the fly. It was hands down the most challenging aspect of that company.

But then again… those uneasy feelings started to surface again.

I didn’t like my role in the company. I was running ads but also managing the finances which reminded me of my past accountant life I had escaped.

I wasn’t aligned with what we were selling either. It evolved into an Organic Marketing Course for coaches but people knew me as a paid ads guy. The product was phenomenal and students got results, but it went against my method of business and wasn’t something I strongly believed in.

Most importantly, I wasn’t aligned with the vision of the company. The other partners had a vision of an office, teams of employees and building something really big. I didn’t want to move to the States or manage a department or two. I got out of the corporate lifestyle for a reason.

Eventually, I realized I was back at the government again, only this time I did it to myself. So I had to be my own doctor and prescribe leaving the company. And that’s how I ended up where I am today.

I’m a bit of a “new age Hippie”. I believe in quantum physics, the power of positive thinking, law of attraction and other esoteric mumbo jumbo. I’m also incredibly practical and know how to carry out large projects to get the job done. I will do whatever it takes to win as long as I believe in it. My head is in the clouds, but feet firmly planted on the ground.

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I Believe In Chasing Your Dharma

Dharma is a Buddhist term for combining your passions with your talents in a way that best serves others.

For me, my passion is helping business owners with life changing products/services get into the hands of as many customers as possible.

My talents are mapping out strategic marketing campaigns and utilizing the power of automation and leverage to free up business owner’s time from working in the business to working on their business.

I’ve met far too many incredible entrepreneurs with world class products spending far too much of their time on tasks that could easily be automated.

Like I said, I’m a builder, I’m an architect, I’m an integrator. I love pairing up with business owners who have a life changing product and are wanting to get it into more people’s hands without working extra hours.

I LOVE what I do now. I’m working in my zone of genius, providing immense guidance and support to the people who need it

I’m now surrounded by an amazing network of other business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers who are all on a mission to make the world a better place, each with their own unique gifts. I’m competitive AF but in a “win-win” sense. Nobody has to lose, we can all win.

So, if you have a life changing product or program and are looking to increase your impact, grow your bottom line all while freeing up more of your time, feel free to reach out, and we can see if working together would be a fit.

I’m highly selective in the people I work with as I only work with people I KNOW I can get results. If I can’t, I'll be quick to point you to someone who can.

I can only work with a handful of clients at a time; I treat your business as if it were my own which requires a lot of care and attention. If my messaging hits home, I encourage you to reach out ASAP to see if you qualify for the waiting list. I’ll then reach out to you when I have an open spot.

If you’ve made it this far you pretty much know everything about me….

So stop questioning whether you think I can help you or not and click the button below to send me a message and see if we’d be a fit.

Thanks for reading – it was a journey.

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